Regard d'auteur

Quality chart

The label Regard d'auteur was created to allow brides and grooms to choose their photographer eyes closed. We guarantee you that each of our photographers is professional, experienced and respects all of the principles that we believe are essential to produce a wedding report.

This label was created in a collaborative way by wedding photographers recognized by their peers. Together they wrote a quality charter, signed by each of our members. We also ask each photographer for supporting documents to guarantee his professionalism and the quality of his services.

Our jury then evaluates each photographer's latest reports. They are rated on the technical quality of the images, the coherence of their dayly reportage as well as their creativity. The best wedding photographers thus distinguish themselves by receiving 1, 2 or 3 stars awarded by the jury.

Our photographers commit to:

1 – A registered photographer

Working legally by being declared artisan to the local Chamber of Trades and Crafts.

2 – A professional insurance

Guarantee the protection of goods and persons by being insured via a Professional Civil Liability.

3 - A contract to protect you

Sign a contract with its customers stating the terms of the service and accompanied by General Conditions of Sale.

4 - Services in complete safety

The photographer respects the rules of hygiene and safety adapted to the people photographed, (babies, children, adults) and the animals in order to guarantee the good progress of the session / report.

5 - Always a plan B

Announce to the bride and groom the photographer who will carry out their photo session / report before the signing of the contract (yourself or one of your employees).

When the planned photographer can no longer ensure the report in case of force majeure (serious illness, injury, etc) and until the day before Big day, offer an available photographer of an equivalent level to the future bride and groom.

6 - Professional equipment in duplicate

To have professional hardware and spare hardware in case of failure.

7 - A reliable backup system

Backup duplicate digital files (whenever possible) until the photos are delivered, to prevent possible data loss.

8 - A sufficient experience

To have realized 20 reports / photo shoots at least in his specialty, as main photographer.

9 - A knowledge of the profession

To know the main rules of use of the ceremony / of the moment who is going to be photographed.

10 - An adapted work outfit

To have an adapted work outfit on the Big day, according to the time and the place photographed.

11 - High-quality memories

Delivering quality image supports ,made by a professional photo lab.

12 - Continuous training courses

The photographer has proven his technical expertise for the proposed service(s) and is regularly trained to maintain a high level of requirement.

13 - Honesty and transparency

To attest of the ownership, authenticity and accuracy of the information disseminated to Regard d'auteur or to the bride and groom, including the contents of the photographer's website.

Keep at Regard d'auteur's disposal any information requested to verify the quality of its services and the truthfulness of its statements.

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