Regard d'auteur

Jury Evaluation

Once the quality charter has been signed and your file validated, our jury will be able to evaluate your photographic work and give you a full feedback!

This evaluation allows each photographer to develop his or her status within the address book. The photographers with the highest status are displayed in the search results (professional approach, regular trainings, competitions, etc).

Warning : until your file is evaluated, you will retain your "member" status and you will not be able to appear in the first position in the search results of your potential clients. The evaluation is divided between 4 judges who rate and appreciate your work and also give you a written feedback to help you continue to progress.

All scores are combined into one overall score out of 100 that will allow the best photographers to be rewarded.

The portofolio of Regard d'auteur is composed of 4 statutes:

Member photographer
(not rated)
"Certified" photographer
(score greater than or equal to 60 / 100)
"Revelation of the Year" photographer
(score greater than or equal to 70 / 100)
"Master" photographer
(score greater than or equal to 80 / 100)

(The rating thresholds for a new status are indicative and subject to change).

Some photographers will also be able to directly obtain the title of "Master" when their work has already been rewarded by certain international juries.

For the award-winning photographers, a specific communication will be made to your local press organizations, which we will invite you to relay for more impact!

The goal is several press articles or other communication actions !

The evaluation of wedding pictures is done anonymously. It will be done on the basis of 3 complete reports (50 images each).

Will be evaluated :

  • the technical quality of the images : shooting, retouching
  • the coherence of the report : from the preparations to the party
  • creativity : artistic universe and photographic signature
  • communication : presentation of the photographer and images on the website

The evaluation of the files will be valid for 24 months.

Discover the jury currently available to evaluate your images!

Thibaut Bissuel, founder of Regard d'auteur, is also the director of the jury. In the event of a tie between judges, he can intervene to decide between the opinions on a file.

The jury is composed of recognized and experienced photographers in their field. It is independent of any brand or supplier.

You have submitted your file and the result does not seem justified? We carry out a double notation on simple request to bring a fair result, with the maximum of precision in the notations and the most supported comments allowing each photographer to progress.

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