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Wondering if Regard d’Auteur is for you?

We would like to tell you the opposite (Care Bear OFF mode) but NO, not everyone can be part of Regard d’auteur. Here are the 3 important criteria to be selected among the photographers presented on

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© Delphine Denans

Creative images, the photographer’s signature

To be a photographer is to write with light. It’s about creating singular images, which mark the viewer to the point of hearing a stunned « WOW » by the beauty of the photo they are looking at. In the 21st century, in a world overwhelmed by images and advertisements of all kinds, it is more and more difficult to captivate the audience and create that « WOW ». But, if there have never been as many photographers declared professional as there are today, there has certainly never been as much copy as there is today. Of course, everyone is inspired, like all the great masters, we start by copying to learn. But then comes the moment to create, to innovate, to propose his own signature, his own look.

Don’t be just any photographer! Make your artistic signature known!

Being a professional photographer on a daily basis

The professionalism of the photographer begins in our opinion by respecting the quality charter: being declared professional in his country, anticipating possible breakdowns or problems that any service provider like you might encounter, having a professional attitude and dress on the day of the service, etc. It also means committing yourself through a mutual contract with the client and respecting your commitments.

Being professional also means having a technical consistency in the quality of the images: beautiful photos, throughout the service. The training of the photographer and his experience (gained during services as a second shooter or during a training course for example) allow him to know what is expected from a professional photographer, before welcoming his first clients.

Finally, being professional means respecting fellow photographers by not stealing their images or the text ideas that accompany them, by not denigrating their work on social networks, in short by behaving in a professional manner, quite simply.

Are you a professional photographer? We would be happy to discover your work!

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© William Lambelet

Taking care of your customers

The photographers present on are distinguished by the quality of their images and their services. Let’s put ourselves for a moment in the place of the customer: when he is looking for a photographer nowadays, he is spoilt for choice on the internet, between uberised platforms and the countless websites of photographers all boasting to be better than the others.

The photographers in our address book are not only artists, but also craftsmen: they have a taste for work well done. They like to take care of their clients as if they were their close friends or family and have little attentions to make them live a magical experience. They provide an attentive service, leading some of our members to offer high-end services for demanding customers.

Whether you are a beginner or on the contrary very experienced in professional photography, if this vision of the photographer’s job speaks to you, Regard d’auteur is made for you!

Tell us more about you, your website and your images and you will be contacted by a team member in the next few days!

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