Regard d'auteur

Pro card

Once you have signed up for Regard d'auteur, you can complete your presentation card.

It it composed of the following parts:

1 The portrait

This is the first image we’ll have of you.

2 The catching phrase

A few words to make us want to know more about you, choose wisely!

3 Describe in a few lines

Tell a bit more to the bride and groom who want to discover your universe.

4 Your company details

Website, mail, social networks, ... the essential to get in touch with you!

5 The video presentation

This is an opportunity to highlight the human dimension of your work.

6 Your favourite

An option or image support that suits you and that you want to highlight.

Our goal is to make the bride and groom understand that they don’t just order photos of their wedding, but above all the performance of an artist who takes them into his universe and makes them live his vision of the wedding photo.

Everything you present on your card, the video, the catchphrase, the portrait or even your coup de coeur must reflect your personality, who you really are.

Do you need help?

Feel free to call us, we are here to help!


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