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Choosing the photographer for your wedding is never easy. It often takes a lot of time, and you never really know if you can trust the photographer you like. One thing is sure, once the wedding is over, only you, your wedding rings and your memories will remain. And for those of you who will not have a wedding planner on the day, the photographer will be the only professional who follows you all day long, and therefore the first person you will turn to in case of any problems.

When we compare providers on the net who advertise themselves as "wedding photographers", we find very different results. You can launch a google search and fall in the same page as a famous international photographer, a professional photographer who performs quality services and a person who has just started.

When looking for a photographer, there are 3 important things to look for: The quality of the images and the performance in general, original images that seduce you and make sure you have the feeling with the one who will accompany you on the day.

1 A quality service

This is THE pre-requisite for choosing the right photographer: make sure that he or she is competent and professional. All the photographers in our guide being evaluated at the entrance, you can choose yours on our website with your eyes closed!

A quality service
Wedding Universe

2 An artistic universe that pleases you

Different styles of images jostle each other depending on wedding fashion. Since many creative photographers do not recognize themselves in one style only, we prefer to talk about artistic universe. The world the photographer takes you into will significantly change the result in your wedding photos. His approach, his sensitivity, his vision of the wedding, his way of telling your story will make your photographer and your photos unique. Choose the universe that suits you !

3 The feeling with your photographer

Having the feeling with your photographer is in our opinion the most important thing. You must be comfortable and enjoy her/his presence since she/he is the one who will follow you throughout the day. If you can trust him/her, then you will live your day without stress and will be able to fully enjoy it. It will also be a success for him/her, since he/she will be able to make you embark in his/her universe and create for you unique images that will make you dream.

Feeling photographe © Sybil Rondeau
Tarifs photographe mariage © Sylvain Bouzat

4 The prices question

This question is often asked quickly to the photographer because one simply does not know this profession and is afraid of being fooled. As all our members are evaluated when they register on the guide, you won't be surprised at Regard d'auteur: for the same quality of work, the rates are more or less the same. Your investment may vary depending on whether you simply wish to reserve a quality photographer, a talented creator or choose a renowned artist. For more information, go to the "Rates" page.

Each photographer has his own approach and the way of presenting the rates is different from one professional to another: ask the one you choose for more information!

If you are curious, you can also consult the reviews of the latest customers, available on each photographer's profile. Social networks (such as Facebook and Instagram) or the photographer's blog if he has one will allow you to see more images and learn more about his work.

When you are looking for a photographer on our website, you have the advantage of choice: there are many photographers and we are sure you will find one that meets your expectations. We put at your disposal a tool to help you find the shoe that fits your foot: it's easy, fast and totally free.

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