Maddy Christina

International Wedding Photographer

Photographe à Monaco, Alpes-Maritimes

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My way to work is not only the day of the wedding. i want to share an entire adventure with my brides and grooms... These memories will be there until the rest of your life and it deserves to be unique. Your wedding album will be the only thing you'll show to your kinds.... I want to share with you moments, experiences, smiles and tears... I need to know you, to be close to you for being able to be just there, inside the action, the moment, to immortalize it...
Feel free to contact me, all over the world, because it's too much important, it's too much precious, and you have to be free to ask the photographer you want for this mission. And i'll be honored to be this one...

à partir de 2500 €
Reportage des préparatifs de la mariée, Reportage des préparatifs du marié, Cérémonie religieuse, Cérémonie laïque, Photos de couple, Photo de groupe, Cocktail, Soirée
Séance avant le mariage, Séance après le mariage, Studio photo booth
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For us, wedding album is an outcome. It's the goal, the only thing which is going to stay for years and years. I don't care about digitals. I want to let you a real thing, an amazing album from graphistudio, life guarantee, like your memories...

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