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Retouching service

Imagine a chef who does all of his own preparation and other tasks that are essential to his job: cutting vegetables, making sauces, cleaning up in the dishwasher, etc. He could certainly never make a name for himself by spending most of his time doing anything but cooking. He would certainly never be able to make a name for himself by spending most of his time doing anything other than cooking.

For photographers, it’s a bit the same thing. Delegating the retouching to a professional service will allow you to focus on the essentials of your job: making creative images and making your clients dream!

Unless your retouching can only be done by you and you alone, we have found for you a professional retoucher who will give you back sublime images, in a very short time and at an unbeatable price.

If you want to save time, money and bring an extra touch of magic to your images, this service is for you!

Save time and money

Delegate your retouching to a professional service that will do it as well (or better?) than you, and at a very profitable rate for your business. Imagine being able to focus on the shoot and the relationship with your client! With our retoucher, you can spend more time selling your images after your shoots: make a margin on each additional image sold, without adding to your workload.

And as a bonus : enjoy delivery in 72 hours !

© Charlotte Farcy
© Paloma Barret

Focus on what makes you tick

In your daily professional life, you certainly prefer to take pictures and spend time with your clients rather than behind your computer. Imagine also that, once the photo shoot is over and the RAW files are quickly developed, you go home without any retouching to do! Our retouching service works for you, while you enjoy time with your family or simply take care of yourself!

Stand out from the competition

Notre service de retouche vous permettra de donner un look encore plus professionnel à vos images. C’est aussi un moyen de vous démarquer de la concurrence en proposant un rendu d’images qui réjouira vos clients.

Si vous cherchez un bon moyen de faire passer vos photos au niveau supérieur, notre retoucheur professionnel sera assurément un des bons ingrédients de votre nouvelle recette !


Here are the services and rates available :

  • Simple skin touch-up (imperfections, wrinkles)
  • Skin tone balancing
  • Possible deletion of small elements
  • Exposure compensation

From 10 images : 3,50 euros HT / image
From 50 images : 3 euros HT / image
From 100 images : 2,50 euros HT / image


  • Advanced skin retouching
  • Complete blemish removal
  • Body correction
  • Balancing skin tones
  • Small elements removal
  • Image exposure correction
  • Fly Hair correction
  • Background Extending and cleaning
  • Dodge and burn

From 10 images : 5 euros HT / image
From 50 images : 4,5 euros HT / image
From 100 images : 4 euros HT / image

Delivery 72h.

© Angelique Beaussart

Try it for free, without obligation : to try it is to adopt it!

Take a free test

© Marie-Charlotte Farcy

A test to start…

Are you looking to delegate all or part of your alterations?

We offer you to send up to 3 images of your choice for testing to our professional retoucher, along with your instructions in PDF format.

To start the test :

  • Choose 1 to 3 unedited, full resolution files in JPEG format
  • Rename them as follows:
  • Add a brief in PDF format indicating the touch-up you want
  • Complete your brief with your instagram account or your website: our retoucher will be able to see your reference images and propose a retouching closer to your expectations.
  • Send your file (images + PDF) via to [email protected]

The retouching service is available 7 days / 7, for your pregnancy, birth or baby photos.

Do you need help?

Feel free to call us, we are here to help!


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