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Photo contests

Wedding 2021 | collection n°4

From 1st to 22th of June 2021

Summary of the competition rules:
You can participate by sending:
- photos captured in the 24 months preceding the competition (for example, for this competition, photos captured from March 1st, 2019).
- photos that have never been awarded by an AWARD or a MASTERPIECE in our competitions.
- original photos: identical or almost identical copies of a photo already created by another photographer are not authorized (framing + composition + scene + processing of identical images).

Recommendations concerning the themes:
All themes (without further indication): you can send photos
- from services provided under customer conditions (unauthorized inspiration shots)
- from real photos (images composed of more than 50% of content created by computer and not corresponding to any captured photo will be sent in the free theme).

Free theme: you can send all types of photos (including inspiration shoots, digital creations, etc.).

Stories - you will be able to send photos from services performed under customer conditions. A story is a series of 6 to 12 images that tells about a highlight of the event or session being photographed.

You can enter with as many photos as you want in each category. Each participation costs 1 credit.
16 themes are available to submit your best photos to our jury for criticism!

The best wedding photos will be awarded with Challengers Badges, Honorable Mentions, Awards and Masterpieces.

Your rewarded photos will earn you ranking points:
- challenger: 5 points
- Honorable mention: 10 points
- Award: 15 points
- Masterpiece .: 20 points
Each photo sent will also earn 1 additional point (within the limit of 20 photos / contest).

Select your best photos and send them directly here. You have until June 22th :-)

Open theme ¦ Wedding : Send us your best shots, without any restriction! (inspiration photo shoot are okay too)

The preparation : To start off the day well, the preparation: for mister or madam, it's your turn to play and magnify these few hours (only real weddings)

The ceremony : After the preparation comes the ceremony: show the best of these precious moments for the bride and groom! (only real weddings)

The wedding reception : After the ceremony comes the cocktail and the party: festive images or moving speeches, it's up to you! (only real weddings)

The married couple : Before, during or after the wedding, pose pictures or on the go, show the bride and groom according to your vision! (photos of real couples, wearing their wedding outfit)

Moments¦ on the go : A photo captured "on the go" (only real weddings)

Light : Light by itself gives the image its beauty (only real weddings)

Kid Spirit : A kid spirit can be found within small and bigger people! (only real weddings)

Strong emotions : Those emotions that move you...

People's connection : Highlight the connection (with the eyes, the hands, etc...) between two people (couple, family, firends).

Humour : No matter your humour, as long as you make the jury smile... (only real weddings)

The decisive moment : Inspired from Cartier-Bresson, now is the moment to catch. (only real weddings)

The Bride : The bride's portrait! Surprise her with sublime pictures!

The Groom : The grooms portrait! Surprise him with sublime pictures !

Best of mariage : Send us your best photos captured since your beginnings ! (all types of photos allowed, with no limit on the shooting date).

Wedding Stories : A series of 6 to 12 images that tell a story during a wedding

Download the rules

The jury

Casian Podarelu
Ken Pak
Donatella Barbera
How to participate?

Use one or more credits to submit your photo selection to the contest jury. You can purchase a batch of credits now and take advantage of a more advantageous rate depending on the quantity chosen. Your unused credits will remain available for future contests with no time limit.

Is this your first participation? Take advantage of 5 free credits to participate!