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Photo contests

Wedding | collection 14

From 19th November until 8th December 2020

You can participate with as many pictures as you wish in every category. Each participation costs 1 credit. You can even participate by sending us stories: a series of 6 to 12

images that tells a moment during the wedding ! (2 credits per story)

16 themes are available to submit your best photos to our jury for criticism !

The 10 best photos will receive gifts from our partner: Dreambookspro, SmartAlbum and Smartslides.

Select your best photos and send them directly here. You have until 8th December to do it :-)

More info on the themes by downloading our contest rules!

Kid Spirit : A kid spirit can be found within small and bigger people! (only real weddings)

The preparation : To start off the day well, the preparation: for mister or madam, it's your turn to play and magnify these few hours (only real weddings)

The ceremony : After the preparation comes the ceremony: show the best of these precious moments for the bride and groom! (only real weddings)

The wedding reception : After the ceremony comes the cocktail and the party: festive images or moving speeches, it's up to you! (only real weddings)

The married couple : Before, during or after the wedding, pose pictures or on the go, show the bride and groom according to your vision! (photos of real couples, wearing their wedding outfit)

Moments¦ on the go : A photo captured "on the go" (only real weddings)

Light : Light by itself gives the image its beauty (only real weddings)

Strong emotions : Those emotions that move you...

People's connection : Highlight the connection (with the eyes, the hands, etc...) between two people (couple, family, firends).

Open theme ¦ Wedding & Couple : Send us your best shots, without any restriction! (inspiration photo shoot are okay too)

Wedding Stories : A series of 6 to 12 images that tell a story during a wedding

Day after & trash the dress : Couple photo shoot (children allowed) after the wedding. (photo taken in client conditions)

Geometry : Play with the lines in the image. (only real weddings)

The decisive moment : Inspired from Cartier-Bresson, now is the moment to catch. (only real weddings)

Fine Art Wedding : A photo in the "fine art wedding" style composed of pastel colours and bright images. (only real weddings)

The Groom : The grooms portrait! Surprise him with sublime pictures !

The jury

Gardères & Dohmen
Paolo Di Falco
Simon Leclercq
How to participate?

Use one or more credits to submit your photo selection to the contest jury. You can purchase a batch of credits now and take advantage of a more advantageous rate depending on the quantity chosen. Your unused credits will remain available for future contests with no time limit.

Is this your first participation? Take advantage of 5 free credits to participate!